Research Projects & Studies

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  • Project (SCOPES) “Memory, History and State-Building in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Critically Assessing and Re-Thinking the Teaching of Memory Politics in Bosnian University Curricula”; Supervisor; University of Zurich and University of Sarajevo 2011-2014
  • European Academy Sarajevo, Institute for Social Research Sarajevo and  Konrad Adenauer Stiftung: “Freedom of Religion and Interreligious Dialogue: Individual – Communities – State

    Final paper: “Doctrinal and Practical Aspects of the Relationship between the State, Churches/Religious Communities and Individuals”, available at

  • European Academy (EURAC Research) Bozen – Bolzano: “Human and Minority Rights in the Life Cycle of Ethnic Conflicts”, project, EU Sixth Framework Program (FP6)

    Ethno-Mobilization and the Organized Production of Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Conscious Preparations“, 2007.
    Country Specific Report: Conflict Settlement Agreement Bosnia“, 2007.
    The Role of Human and Minority Rights in the Process of Reconstruction and Reconciliation for State and Nation-Building: Bosnia and Herzegovina“, 2008.

  • The Human Rights Center of the University of Sarajevo: „Lost in Transition – Generation 1968 – 1972: Study based on Interviews“, Sarajevo, 2007
  • The Human Rights Center of the University of Sarajevo: “Constitutional Reform Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Analysis of Media Reporting, The Comparative Analysis of Constitution of BiH and New Proposals, Analysis of Relevant International Standards, and Survey Study of Bosnian Legal Professionals”, Sarajevo, March 2006.
  • UNDP Serbia and Montenegro: “In the Shadow of a Common Legacy: preliminary considerations of conditions and possibilities of regional cooperation on prosecution of war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia, and Montenegro from the International Seminar “Crimes of War and Legal Legacy,” Dubrovnik, September 2-5, 2004. Belgrade, 2005.